As Seen in the May Issue of The Cross Timbers Gazette…

Visionary Financial Group President Shelly Dodge has such a strong passion for financial planning; she said that if she ever won the lottery, she would find a place to volunteer to do it for free.

 Dodge, a 17-year Flower Mound resident and active community member, opened Visionary Financial Group in Flower Mound last August to help local people plan their financial futures while serving the community she loves and calls home.

“I love taking care of my customers,” Dodge said. “I used to commute to the south side of Fort  Worth, and I figured rather than driving an hour both ways to work each day, why not drive five minutes and build my business here among the friends and families I already know.”

Visionary Financial Group offers such services as IRA and 401K rollovers, retirement planning, stocks, bonds and mutual funds, college funds, annuities, estate and financial planning, long term care and other insurance services.

Dodge has worked as a Trust Officer, Sales Professional, and Investment Advisor with 27 years of experience in the field of investment planning. This wide range of expertise allows Visionary Financial Group to offer an expansive line of products and services.

“I’ve been in this business since 1986,” Dodge said. “And I actually started earlier than that. My mother worked in a stock brokerage firm. I worked in the mailroom as a runner during the summer when I was 13 and that started it all. My first job working in the back office of a brokerage firm helped me learn the whole operational aspect of that industry.”

After working at a bank in Fort Worth where she built her business from 20 to 350 clients in 12 years, Dodge decided she would like to help people in southern Denton County with their financial planning as well, and moved the business to Flower Mound.

Most recently, Visionary Financial was awarded the “Business of the Month” by the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce after joining the Chamber in December of last year.

“I just love to help and volunteering is a great way to meet people and do a great community and business service as well.  I know enough people in Flower Mound that I felt I could build my business the same way I did in Fort Worth.”

Dodge is licensed in Texas and Arkansas, and said what she believes a couple of things set her company apart.

“I think we offer a personal touch,” Dodge said. “A lot of times in bigger cities like Fort Worth and Dallas, if you have a smaller account, you’re handed over to a call center. You don’t have that personal touch or easy access. On my business cards I list my cell phone number. That is the kind of personal service that I’m serious about.

“The second part is that I really try to educate my clients. I have never turned an account away. I have accounts that started out at $50 a month, and I’ve got accounts up to the tens of millions. There are some policies that may require a minimum investment, but I do not have any minimum requirements to sit down and talk with someone. I believe in building relationships one at a time and my clients know I am there for them in any situation, just a phone call away.”

Visit or call (972) 539-0002 for more information.

Written by John English